Ekaterinburg, 17 – 18 of May 2007
Sverdlovsk State Philharmonics Big Hall
Musorgsky State Conservatory
Ural Musical College Big Hall

Perm, 19 – 21 of May 2007
Philharmonics Organ Hall
Musical College

Moscow, 9 of July 2007
Russian Radio Culture 91,6 FM, live broadcast

all-Russian concert series CONTEMPORARY MUSIC
composer Juha T. Koskinen and MCME
concerts, workshops, master-classes

Juha Koskinen (Finland) Fourrures for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Tapio Tuomela (Finland) Pendulum for cello solo
Sami Klemola (Finland) What where (after a short piece by S.Beckett)
for clarinet, cello and piano Sebastian Fagerlund (Finland) Chants for bass-clarinet and piano
Osmo Tapio Raihala (Finland) Dialogues for piano trio
Tomi Raisanen (Finland) Follow the Circle for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Uljas Pulkkis (Finland) Trio for violin, cello and piano
Dmitri Schostakovich Sonata for cello and piano
Galina Ustvolskaya Trio for clarinet, violin and piano
Alfred Schnitke Sonata No.1 for violin and piano
Edison Denisov Sonata for clarinet and piano
Yuri Kasparov Lontano for organ and electronics
IIgor Mashukov DD for clarinet and multimedia
Anatoli Nimensky Recitative and Toccata for viola and piano
Victor Ekimovsky Perpetuum Return for bass-clarinet solo
Olga Viktorova Sonata for cello solo
Oleg Paiberdin Organum A-nn-A for clarinet, violin and cello

Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME):
Mikhail Dubov, piano
Mikhail Bereznitsky, violin
Alexander Zagorinsky, cello
Oleg Tantsov, clarinet, bass-clarinet

Pavel Nimensky, viola (Ekaterinburg)

with support from:
Russian Federal Agency of culture and cinematography
Finnish Music Information Center FIMIC
Foundation for Promotion of Finnish Music LUSES
Finnish Embassy in Russia
International festival “Diaghilev Seasons”
Sverdlovsk State Philharmonics
Russian Radio Culture 91,6 FM