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N. Roslavets and N. Gabo Center for Contemporary Art

N. Roslavets and N. Gabo Center for Contemporary Art
  • Director – Lyubov Pchelkina
  • Artistic director of the Bryansk N. Roslavets and N. Gabo Contemporary Art Festival – Mark      Belodubrovsky
  • The Center carries the names of two natives of Bryansk, noteworthy representatives of Russian 20th century art, Nicolai Roslavets and Nahum Gabo. Center is an organizer of the Bryansk International Festival of Contemporary art from 1985. From 2006 the festival will take place in Bryansk and Moscow.
    …“We have tried to do something that nobody had done before us. The chief idea – to present that, with which the general public is yet unfamiliar – has been carried out in all of the festivals
    If a composition has been unfamiliar to the public for the reason that it was forbidden, then there was even more reason for it to be included in the program.
    Nevertheless, the question always arose: why is this art perceived of as difficult to understand? If, for instance, you don’t speak Japanese, that does not mean that speaking it is bad or uninteresting. The same reasoning goes for 20th century art – you must learn to understand its language, first!” (M. Belodubrovsky).
    The program of the festival includes artistic phenomena (music, painting, poetry, theater and cinema), which pertain to the time span between the early 20th century (1900’s – 1930’s) and up to the latest trends of the present times.