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Theremin-Center for electroacoustic music and multimedia

Theremin-Center for electroacoustic music and multimedia
  • Founding Director – Andrei Smirnov
  • The Theremin-Center is a private non-profit cultural organisation.
    It was created by Andrei Smirnov in 1992 and was named after Leon Theremin, the Russian inventor of one of the first electronic musical instruments that has come to be well known all over the world.
    The Center aims to achieve a creative symbiosis of musicians, artists, engineers and software designers who are oriented toward realization of noncommercial projects in electro-acoustic music, the visual arts and multimedia.
    Our intentions are to create a working environment where motivated young musicians, composers, artists, art critics, sound producers, programmers and engineers can be introduced to the newest electronic technologies in arts and music.
    We envision the center as a base from which to carry out interdisciplinary investigations in such fields as:
  • computer and electro-acoustic music
  • multimedia
  • real-time interactive systems
  • development and creation of innovative programs and technical devices
  • dance, creative movement and performance
  • Educational programs are established to foster mastery of technical and expressive aspects of electro-acoustic music, video art and computer graphics as used in multimedia research and experimentation.
    Students are able to apply the practical knowledge they acquire to achieve creative results.