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Structural Resistance Group (StRes)

Structural Resistance Group (StRes)
  • Co-Chairmen – Boris Filanovsky, Dmitri Kourliandski
  • Structural Resistance Group (StRes), founded in 2005, unites six Russian composers: Boris Filanovski (1968, St Petersburg), Dmitri Kourilandski (1976, Moscow), Sergej Newski (1972, Berlin/Moscow), Anton Safronov (1972, Moscow), Alexei Sioumak (1976, Moscow), Valery Voronov (1970, Koeln/Minsk). They are well known abroad, won prestigious musical prizes, their music is performed by leading contemporary music groups and soloists. The idea of grouping arose from the necessity to work together and increase the interest to newest Russian music and its status. StRes is a free union of highly professional composers, which conceives, proposes, creates and realizes original concepts and programs, both for concert performances and CDs. StRes invites to participate in its activities other composers who could, in our opinion, represent Russian music abroad (the 6+ principle). We have already shared our first programs we with Maria Boulgakova and Alla Kesselman.