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Participation and collaboration with Russian festivals:
The Pythian Games (St. Petersburg), Contemporary Art Festival named by N. Roslavets and N. Gabo (Briansk), Edison Denisov contemporary music festival (Tomsk), Moscow Autumn Festival
  • 6)  Young composers group Structural Resistance (StRes)   June - December
  • Projects:
    Presentation of StRes (Amsterdam Eindhoven Tilburg, October), together with Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble Orthography (St. Petersburg, January), together with Pro Arte Institute
    Music between the energy and information, Pro Arte Institute (St Petersburg), Moscow Conservatory November -
  • 7)  Electro-acoustic laboratory Theremin-Center.    February - December
  • Seminars (each week):
    Classical Theremin-Vox (organizer Lidia Kavina)
    Acousmatic and Interactivity(organizer Andrei Smirnov)
    Elizabeth Shimana (Austria) master-classes
    John Applton (USA) master-classes
    Electro-acoustic and Multimedia compositions:
    Yana Aksenova, Tatiana Mikheeva, Olesya Rostovskaya, Andrei Smirnov, Iraida Yusupova, Dmitri Subochev, Lev Thermin(Russia), Elizabeth Shimana, Gerhard Ekkel (Austria), Giuseppe Gioliano (Italy), John Applton (USA)
    Places of performing:
    Moscow (Theremin-Center, Cultural Center DOM, Moscow composers house, Moscow Conservatory), St. Petersburg (Pro Arte Institute), Bryansk (N. Roslavets and N. Gabo Contemporary Art festival), Helsinki (Sibelius Academy), Munich (Dutch Museum), Gratze (Institute of electroacoustic music), Milan (G. Verdi Conservatory), Helsinki (Art and Design Institute)
  • 8)  N. Roslavets and N. Gabo Center for Contemporary Art.   February - December
               N. Roslavets and N. Gabo International Contemporary Art Festival in Bryansk (April) and            Contemporary Jazz Festival in Bryansk (November)
  • There are presented creativity by the next composers, performers, artists, actors and painters:
    Michael Shemiakin, Elena Preis, Viacheslav Koleichuk, Tatiana Grindenko, Polina Osetinskaya, Michael Bereznitsky, Sergei Yursky, Michael Kazakov, Konstantin Raikin, Eugeny Grishkovets; Collectives ballet Provincial Dancers, State Chamber Orchestra Moscow Virtuosos, Radio and Television Big Symphony Orchestra, Mark Pekarsky Percussion Ensemble, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Moscow Conservatory soloists; composers and soloists from Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA, etc.
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