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  • 1)  International Young Composers Competition DSCH. 1 stage.   March Ц November.
  • The jury:
  • Irina Schostakovich Ц chairman of the competition
  • Herve Desarbre (France) Ц organist, director of Les Editions du Chant du Monde
  • Yuri Kasparov (Russia) Ц composer, artistic director of MCME
  • Ramon Lazkano (Spain) Ц composer
  • Francois Vercken (France) Ц composer
  • Dmitri Capyrin (Russia) Ц composer
  • Jean Thorel (France) Ц conductor
  • Laureates:
  • Antonio Agostini (Italy) - 1st prize,
  • Antonio Zimmerman (Argentina) - 2nd prize
  • Recommended composers works to be performed in public concerts:
  • Dmitri Kourliandski (Russia)
  • Romero Nicolas (Argentina)
  • Semion Segal (Kazakhstan)
  • Maxim Seluianov (Austria)
  • Cohen Shai (Israel)
  • Daniel Plitchen (Ukraina)
  • Hy Xiao-Ou (China)
  • 2)  Organizing of creative and busyness meetings, conferences, master-classes, workshops.
       Foreign composers, musicologists, performers in Russian regions.   January - December
  • Kai Amberla, executive director of FIMIC (Finland) Ц in Moscow
  • Nvart Andreassian, conductor (France) Ц in Moscow, Yaroslavl
  • Mircea Ardeleanu, percussionist (Germany/Switzerland) Ц in Moscow
  • Olivier Cuendet, conductor (Switzerland) Ц in Magnitogorsk, Cheliabinsk, Ufa
  • Herve Desarbre, organist, director of Les Editions du Chant du Monde (France) Ц in Moscow
  • Giuseppe Giuliano, composer (Italy) Ц in Moscow
  • Michael Liebman, composer (Israel) Ц in Moscow
  • Gerhardt Mueller-Goldboom, composer, conductor (Germany) Ц in Moscow
  • Sergei Newsky, composer (Russia / Germany) Ц in Moscow, St. Petersburg
  • Oscar Strasnoy, composer (France) Ц in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh
  • Tapio Tuomela, composer (Finland) Ц in Kazan, Perm
  • Gabriele Vanoni, composer (Italy) Ц in Moscow
  • The Verdehr trio, performers (USA) Ц in Moscow
  • Cristina Vilallonga, composer (Spain) Ц in Moscow
  • Jean Vriend, composer (the Netherlands) Ц in Moscow, Perm, Kirov
  • 3)  Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble
  • Special projects:
    All-Russia Concert Series CONTEMPORARY MUSIC (Moscow Ц Voronezh Ц Kaluga Ц St. Petersburg). October
    Russia-the Netherlands. Musical Parallels (Cheboksary Ц Perm Ц Krasnogorsk Ц Kirov). Mai Ц December
    Dedication to Arthur Honegger (Moscow Ц Magnitogorsk Ц Cheliabinsk Ц Ufa). September
    Four generations of the Russian Association for Contemporary Music (Moscow). November
    Presentation of УStructural Resistance GroupФ (the Netherlands, Amsterdam Ц Einhoven Ц Tilburg). October
    Finnish Contemporary Music at the Russian festivals (Perm Ц Kazan). May
    The World of Le Chant du Monde (Moscow). November
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